Hello. My Name is Amika. I graduated from Web Design and Development program of Humber College in summer 2017.

The logos on the left side of this pages are the technical skills learned through the program.

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Restaurant Redesign

Language: HTML, CSS


This website is a recreation of an existing website. An elegant design concept was applied to deliver an upscale image in order to reflect the actual ambience; moreover attract more customers.The original website was loaded with useful function and information but the design was rather simple and lacked taste.

Design To Code

Language: HTML, CSS


This website was created based on a design mockup. To start, a basic frame work was created and then details were applied. The required specifications such as size of margins, columns and font, and background colour were captured by using Adobe Illustrator. The development time spent was approximately 12 hours.

Bootstrap Website

Language: Bootstrap, jQuery


Bootstrap and jQuery were used to develop this website. The highlight of this web site is advanced functionality. Slide carousel, payment modal and contact form; which are complicated and time consuming to build, were loaded to the website in no time.

Shinobu Sushi

Language: Wordpress, HTML, CSS


This website was created for my first client. Wordpress was selected as the core architect in order to accomodate with client's request of edit functionality, simple layout and product delivery time restriction.


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